When a property is let, it is beneficial to the AgentLandlord and the Tenant to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Effective communication is very important so any issues relating to the property can be sorted out not only quickly, but also in a way that is fair to all parties. AgentsLandlords and Tenants can benefit from our Mid-term Inspection service which can be arranged once a Tenancy is underway, at an appropriate intervals to suit your requirements. A Mid-term Inspection will detail any changes in the condition of the property’s fixtures and fittings. This can alert Agentsand Landlords to any Faults, Repairs, Damage or Mistreatment to the property, such as a leaky washing machine or carpets heavily soiled. A Mid-term Inspection can alert Agents,Landlords and Tenants to any potential liabilities that they themselves may be responsible for. By dealing with any such things early on, all parties can take the necessary steps to resolve matters in order to avoid unexpected and costly problems which may become worse during the remainder of the Tenancy.