The biggest area for potential problems and disputes between Landlords and Tenants is the condition of the property, fixtures and fittings at the end of the Tenancy.

We offer a step by step walk through of your Check-in, Mid-term and Check-out reports giving you the opportunity to add comments, ask questions and  E-sign your documents.







As a Tenant you can protect yourself and most importantly your deposit, by having an independent Inventory Report prepared at the start of the Tenancy. This is absolutely vital for Tenants, particularly if your Landlord has failed to have their own independent Inventory Report drawn up and agreed with you prior to the start of your Tenancy, and a independent Check-out Report completed at the end of your tenancy.

An independent Inventory Report, including a schedule of condition, prepared at the beginning and end of your Tenancy and a independent Check-out Report at the end of your tenancy, is the best way to avoid disputes and issues relating to deposits. When you consider the substantial deposits that Tenants are required to pay to their Landlords, many Tenants are now taking advantage of the cost effective services that our company can provide for them.

All of our reports are professionally compiled in accordance with recognised industry standards, combining detailed written with photographic evidence and presenting our reports in a clear easy to read way. We visit the rental property and undertake a full Inventory inspection itemising the fixtures, fittings, contents and the condition of the property at that time including any furniture, if applicable.

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